Just Had a Flood? Here’s What to Do Now

If you’ve just experienced a water event, you might be wondering what to do next. Seeping water damage is progressive, pervasive and can mean valuable objects may become permanently damaged – especially if emergency response is delayed beyond the first 48 hours. When moisture seeps into items of value there are immediate steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of long-term damage that results.

fans running to dry water damaged floors in residential home from flooding

fans running to dry water damaged floors in residential home from flooding

The longer that you allow your water damage to sit, the more severe the damage will be. Which is why you need a water damage restoration company that can respond 24 hours a day to your emergency. Our team is always available and can help prevent further damage from occurring. We treat your home with respect, and do not do unnecessary damage to walls, which makes the restoration process faster. Our company has invested in the latest technology to make your restoration job quicker and more effective. We can handle small residential jobs and large commercial jobs. We are a full service restoration business with the equipment to handle any project. If you hire a company that is not thorough with their work, you make have mold grow in your home. Mold growth could lead to health issues.

To ensure that your home is the best environment possible, hiring an effective team of Water Damage Restoration Experts with a proven track record is very important. Our team has worked with customers ranging from small local residential homes all the way up to the H.U.D. program for the Federal Federal Government. Our team has a proven track record and strive for high customer satisfaction. Give us a call for a consultation and let us take care of your water damage restoration emergency.


Green Wave Restoration is right by your side to take charge of the cleanup and recovery following water damage which can make a mess out of your premises. Water damage restorations services include: water removal, Drying & De-humidification services, flooring replacement and repair and much more.

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