Residential & Commercial Mold Remediation in Wichita, KS

If you have a mold situation in your home or business, you need certified professionals who can safely and effectively take care of the problem. As mold remediation experts, we use the most advanced tools and equipment in the industry and apply systematic best practices.

​Call our 24/7 emergency service line at (316) 619-2136. We’re ready to help.

​If you’ve discovered mold, or are concerned that a slow leak may have allowed it to grow behind a wall or other unseen area, we find the mold, treat it, and do a complete water damage remediation. We put the highest value on open communication and customer service and document the entire mold removal process.

Mold removal protects the health of your family or employees, preserves the structural integrity of your property, and removes the musty, damp smell associated with mold. And we help you get to the root cause of the issue, so the problem is not repeated.

If any of these sound familiar to you, then you should contact Green Wave Restoration Services to inspect your home or business. As your mold remediation company in Wichita, Kansas and serving the surrounding cities and counties as well, we know that Kansas homes are at risk of developing mold. Whether you have had a leak, can see wet spots forming on your walls or ceiling, or whether you want to be proactive in protecting your family, we can help you.

​We can take care of your home and business mold inspections. Our team is highly trained and experienced in inspecting and investigating mold in homes and businesses. We can detect whether there is an unhealthy amount of mold present in your home and find the places that a mold infestation may be hiding.

Mold only needs two or three days to start growing after a flood or other damaging water event. To avoid having a mold problem caused by a water event, arrange to have the water removed within 48 hours, if possible.

If you’ve just discovered mold or suspect you have some in a hidden place – under a floor, above a ceiling, behind a wall – you need to have it inspected right away by a licensed and certified mold removal professional like Green Wave.